Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I reached the end of my book ....

Final count: 55,877 words ... This might increase if I fill in some scenes today ...

The book ended sweetly although it may have went for a few more pages without time constraints ....

It also ended up with the last day on the 4th Friday in August, 2001 not October 5, 2001 as planned...

Its been a great adventure, and I think I will write a lot more. I am really curious how the editing process will go.

Its too late for this year's Nano, but definitely do it if you can next November.

edmund davis

Here is the last excerpt ....

Here are the last few paragraphs ...

Mathilda and Timothy decided to hold each other for a few minutes, shower together, and then walk around Oxford. They kissed and then went out to the Oxford morning.

There was a story in The Independent, and a picture in the Sun, “The Magnificent Life of Timothy Higgins.” Tim and Mathilda were very happy to see it.

Tim and Math went out to breakfast outside. It was 70 outside, a little crisp and beautiful. The couple couldn’t have been happier together. They loved each other, and were blissful.



Sunday, November 20, 2005

No words yesterday! After my writing dynamo this month, I did no words yesterday!

If you wonder why, its because I had a full day in retail.

I was there from 9:15 to 6:15 with a one-hour lunch.

It was the "best sale of the year," meaning lots of customers. I also desperately need to get new dress shoes, so my feet got really tired.

By the time I was home about 6:40 I watched just a bit of the Auburn-Alabama game. Auburn was leading 28-10 and won by the same score.

I just wanted to lay down. By 7:45 I went to bed.

At 8:00 my mom called, it sounds like she totaled her car and now drives a 2001 Chrysler Concorde, I was barely there and just slept.
I kinda half got up at 12:30 and with the Kitty's urging at 6:00 .. but didn't really wake up until 8:20 am or so ....

I have choir at church today, and had to wake up after sleeping for more then 12 hours. I did get 630 words in this morning though. This means even with yesterday, I only have 700 words to 45,000 ...

I have a lot of church today, and work retail from 4-9 tonight. I should have an hour and a half to type with the Nano Mainers at Panera ...

Hopefully that will get me over 45,000 words, and I will have some energy tonight.

I still want to pass 50,000 by Wednesday.

Edmund Davis-Quinn


Friday, November 18, 2005

42,000 words

I got another 1,300 words in this morning.

The book is going very well.

I also find that I find other writing easier. I am becoming a blogging fool.

I am also applying to work as a reading specialist/ed tech III in South Portland, ME school district.

I think it would be great to work with first graders and improve their reading.Wish me luck.

This is an extra blog, my main blog is ....

I also have a blog about my book at

And my wife's book blog is


edmund davis-quinn


Thursday, November 17, 2005

I am now on a different page ..

This one never really took off.

edmund davis...

wow i have done over 41,000 words!!!